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Higher Education and Research in Morocco

Kingdom of Morocco […]Icon KingdomIcon Kingdom

What are the variant appellations for Morocco? Officially, the Kingdom of Morocco, but the term Morocco is by far the most common.

What is the geographical location of Morocco? Morocco is located on the northwestern tip of Africa.

What are the borders of Morocco? Morocco is bordered by Algeria in the west, Mauritania in the south, the Mediterranean Sea in the north and overlooks Spain and Portugal across the Gibraltar straits (Worth mentioning here the Spanish exclaves of Ceuta and Melilla in the north of Morocco) and the Atlantic Ocean in the west.

System of Higher Education […]

Higher Education is considered to be one of the key strategic sectors Morocco is relying upon to achieve its political stability, economic prosperity and cultural renaissance.

The Higher Education sector in Morocco is run by Driss Ouaouicha, Minister delegate for Higher Education.  

Higher Education in Morocco includes private institutions,  privately-run institutions and public institutions.  Public Higher education institutions can be broken down into two types: Open-access and limited-access.

Higher Education Institutions […]

On completion of the secondary school program (baccalaureate/higher secondary certificate), students can pursue their studies in many open-access (Open-access  ) higher education institutions. They are, however, required to have high baccalaureate grades and take a competitive entrance exam to attend limited-access (Limited-access ) institutions. As for private and privately-run (Private) higher education institutions, students may be required to sit for an entrance exam/interview, as well as pay registration and scholarship fees. 

Academic map of Morocco […]

Academic Disciplines […]

Academic Degrees […]

Infrastructure projects […]

  • Casablanca

    Mohamed VI University for Health Sciences

  • Laayoune

    University Hospital by 2022

Important dates […]

Scientific and cultural Events […]

  • Scientific events

  • Cultural Events
  • Cultural events

  • Scientific Events

Key figures […]

Study destinations […]

Recent publications […]

  • Book Cover: Health Care

    Health Care

    Hassan Bouzidi 

  • Book Cover

    Women’s Rights in MENA

    Hanane Darhour et al. (eds.)

  • North African Women after the Arab Spring

    Women/Arab Spring

    Larbi Touaf et al. (eds.)

Blog Join the discussion! […]


“Why do some public universities have to take the brunt of overcrowding? A case in point is Ibn Zohr University which accepts students from 4 southern regions and has a student population nearing [120,000].  The question is how do we tackle the problem of overcrowding?”  


“New Universities are to be built. Adding new classrooms here and there and soliciting the help of teaching assistants from outside the university are make-shift, short-term approaches and would not solve the problem of overcrowding.”

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Once in a while moroccodemia conducts a survey on a particular issue pertaining to Higher education in Morocco. Please take a few minutes to complete  this survey on the challenges facing public universities in Morocco.

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    World University Rankings

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    Syracuse/N.Y. – USA

  • Syracuse University

Submission form and guidelines […]

We welcome your contributions in the form of books & articles, images & videos, dates and figures and any other materials that will enhance this website and which will undoubtedly benefit moroccodemia visitors (students, academics, administrators, employers and the civil society).

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Ministry of Higher Education

Minister of Higher Education, Research and Innovation
Portrait: State secretary for Higher Education
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Higher Education Institutions

‬Al-Akhawayne University - Ifrane
American University of Leadership (AUL)
Lebanese International University (LIU) - Casablanca
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Research Center

Institute for Economic Analysis and Prospective Studies
The Moroccan Interdisciplinary Center for Strategy and International Studies
Tangier American Legation Institute for Moroccan Studies
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CORE-Search Open-Access Articles
Getty Publications
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Mediterranean Journal of Chemistry
Arab World English Journal
International Journal of Medicine and Surgery
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Publishing House

Anchor group publishing
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The Moroccan-American Commission for Educational and Cultural Exchange
ISESCO Center for the Promotion of Scientific Research
Africa Science Leadership Program
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Gulf Talent
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