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 What is the number of Moroccan students abroad?

[51.000] is the number of Moroccan students abroad.

[33.500is the number of Moroccan students in France.
[15.000] is the number of Moroccan students in Spain, Germany and Italy put together.
[2.000] is the number of Moroccan students in Canada.
[500] is the number of Moroccan students in Turkey.

   What is the top  study destination  

France remains the [#1] destination for Moroccan students seeking to pursue their studies abroad.  Morocco is also the [#1] source of international students in France [11.5%] ahead of China  and Algeria.

What are the most popular  study destinations

Admission tests

Which graduate admission tests do I need for international study?

Looking to study at one of the international colleges/universities in the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Netherlands, Singapore, USA, New Zealand may require you take an English Proficiency Test in order to be accepted, whether you’re applying through scholarships or admission.

It’s important to read full admission/scholarship requirements to see which English Proficiency Test is required of you to take. The test is a proof you have a mastery of the English Language up to a level/standard that is required.

Below is a quick guide on list of graduate admission test required for international study, you will need to read through to know which is required, and which you need to have.


Test of English as a  Foreign Language

This test is an internet based English Language proficiency test. It is one of the fundamental requirements for admission into colleges and universities in the US and Canada. It is equally acceptable in UK.

TOEFL assesses students ‘mastery of the 4 basic skills in English: Listening, speaking, reading and writing.

Target Audience: Those students wishing to study a program delivered in English. Purpose: To test proficiency in English. Duration: Around four hours and 30 minutes, with a mandatory 10-minute break midway through. Valid Period: Valid for (2)Two years Cost: The cost varies depending on test center location. Check your country currency cost. Required by: Institutions offering programs in English (including English-taught degrees in non-Anglophone countries). TOEFL results are also accepted as proof of English language proficiency in countries where this is required to obtain a visa. It is very popular for international study.

NOTE: Before taking an English proficiency exam, be sure to check which tests are accepted by the institution you are applying to. A paper-based test is offered at some centers where the standard internet-based test cannot be provided. This lasts about four hours, with four sections: Listening Comprehension, Structure and Written Expression, Reading Comprehension and the Test of Written English. You will receive a total score out of 677, and a separate score on a scale on 1-6 for the written section


Graduate Management Admissions Test

This proficiency Test is required by students who wish to study in business administration. GMAT test assesses students in four different basic skills parts which are; Verbal, Quantitative, Integrated reasoning and Analytical writing assessment: An essay analyzing an argument (one essay in 30 minutes).

Target Audience: Business school applicants. Required by: Business schools. Purpose: To assess a candidate’s suitability for business school, by assessing verbal, mathematical and analytical skills. Duration: Three hours and 30 minutes (four hours if you take the optional breaks). Valid Period: Valid for (5) Five years (older scores are available but are not always considered to be an accurate measure of your current standard Cost: Cost is $250USD Score Required: Most GMAT candidates achieve a score between 400 and 600; extremely high and low scores are rare. There are no straightforward passes or fails, and the score you need will depend on the school you are applying to.

NOTE: Multiple choice sections begin with an intermediate-level question. A correct answer will lead to a more difficult question, while an incorrect answer does the opposite. To complete a section you must work through the most difficult questions. There is a penalty for not finishing in the allotted time. The GMAT is only delivered in English.

Carefully Note: You may choose up to five schools to send your score report to, with additional reports available for an extra fee. You may retake the test if you are unsatisfied with your score (a maximum of five times over a 12 month period), but be aware that all scores from the previous five years will be included on the scorecard sent to the business schools to which you are applying. Results can be cancelled immediately on completing the test.


International English Language Testing System

This test helps to assess your Level of proficiency in english to enable you to study at international countries. It is very popular as most schools require you to have it but is not as popular as the TOEFL.

There are two versions of this test: IELTS Academic and IELTS General Training. Both are divided into four part, with the same content for the Listening section and Speaking sections, but different Reading and Writing sections. The Academic version focuses more on English in a higher education context, while General Training focuses more on workplace and social situations.

Carefully Note: Listening Section: 40 questions based on four recordings of conversations and monologues. The audio content features a range of different accents (30 minutes).

Reading Section: 40 questions based on three passages of text. For the IELTS Academic, these texts may include graphs or illustrations, and may be taken from sources including books, journals and newspapers (one hour).

Writing Section: Two tasks. For the IELTS Academic, these are a short formal essay and a task in which candidates must describe or explain a table, chart or other diagram (one hour).

Speaking Section: A face-to-face interview, in which test-takers must answer general questions about themselves and familiar topics, speak about a particular topic (given on a card), and participate in a structured discussion. This section can be taken up to seven days before or after the other three sections (which are taken at the same time) and lasts for 11-14 minutes.

Target: Students who want to study a program delivered in English at international schools. Purpose: To test a proficiency in English, for an academic or general context. Duration: Two hours and 30 minutes, plus 15 minutes for the speaking test. Valid Period: Two (2) years Cost: The cost of EILTS Varies depending on location. See here for cost in your country currency. Required by: Institutions offering programs in English (including English-taught degrees in non-Anglophone countries). IELTS results are also accepted as proof of English language proficiency in countries where this is required to obtain a visa.

Note: Each of the four sections is marked on scale from one to nine, with band one indicating a non-user and nine an expert user. Candidates also receive an averaged overall score on the same scale. Institutions are responsible for setting their own target scores. There is no limit on the number of times the test can be retaken.


Pearson Test of English

⌈ GRE 

GRE General Test

To apply for admissions or scholarships, always check the English Proficiency Test required for international study as it’s one of the fundamental requirements.

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