Cultural Events in Morocco

Cultural Events in Morocco



June 2020

Poster: Managing your Career/Maie Royce


November 2019

Poster, Moonshot Youth Festival

October 2019

Exchange Programs 2020 poster

July 2019

Tolerance in Mediterranean Societies:

International Summer School  [July 8-20, 2019][Deadline:May 10,2019] 

Casablanca Conference [July 11-13, 2019][Deadline:May 10,2019] 

June 2019

Mentor_Talks/Zoe Dean Smith/Facebook Page/11:00 AM EDT [June 26, 2019]

T Sisters Morocco Tours 2019

Study in the U.S. Fair/Casablanca/Tangier/March 2019

Ambassadors Fund for Cultural Preservation

Julian House conference on Translation Studies at Cadi Ayyad, Marrakech, March 2019

Julian House conference on Translation Studies at Cadi Ayyad, Marrakech, March 2019


Oujda Named Capital of Arab Culture for 2018 [2018]

Sixth Edition of the Congress on History of Medicine in Muslim Heritage

november 2018

Morocco to Host 20th International Festival of African Fashion [November 21-24, 2018]

may 2018

International Festival of Amazigh Culture to Promote Amazigh Pop Culture and Democratic Citizenship [May 11-13, 2018]

march 2018

Fez Pays Tribute to Moroccan Author Mohamed Choukri [March 15-16, 2018]

january 2018

Idir to perform in Meknes at Amazigh New Year Festival [January 27, 2018]

3rd International Artists Gathering

75th Anniversary of the Casablanca Conference


december 2017

French Rapper Maitre Gims to Hold Free Concert in Marrakech [December 29, 2017]

november 2017

Tangier International Conference 2017: “Theatre Forms in Motion”

Screening of the film Casablanca

april 2017

Regional platform brings together media and cultural actors [April 25-27, 2017]


may 2016

Civic Education Conference[May 13-15, 2016]

Scientific Events

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