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Morocco to Host IMF-WBG Meetings in 2021, the First African Country to Host Since 1973

april 2019 

New Perspectives in the Study of Language, Culture, and Translation
[April 24-25, 2019]

february 2019 

QS World Grad School Tour Casablanca
[February 21, 2019]

QS World Grad School Tour Casablanca

december 2018 

Marrakech International Migration Conference, a ‘World Summit’ Examining ‘Structuring’ Matter in International Relations (FM)

Dakhla to Host 1st African Forum on Vocational Training
[December 21-22, 2018]

Morocco Hosts International Conference on Renewables
[December 5-8, 2018]

november 2018 

EuroSciCon Conference on “Osteoporosis, Arthritis, Musculoskeletal disorder” to be held at Amsterdam, Netherlands
[November 29-30, 2018]

october 2018 

Marrakech Hosts 21st WB-IMF Annual Meetings
[October, 2018]

Morocco Invites Diaspora Experts from Canada to Develop Aeronautics
[October 1-5, 2018]

august 2018 

World Congress of African Llinguistics 9
[August 25-28, 2018]

Pre-WOCAL9 Training in Theory and Methods of Language Documentation
[August 11-20, 2018]

july 2018 

Morocco to Host Parlacen’s 1st Meeting on Immigration
[July 4-6, 2018]

may 2018 

Second National Conference of Doctoral Students
[May 16, 2018]

CFP Multilingualism and Education
[May 9-10, 2018]

Morocco to Hold Emerging Economies Summit
[May 8-10, 2018]

Global Education and Teaching Methods”/Postponed
[May 9-10, 2018]

april 2018 

Graduate student workshop
[April 18-20, 2018]

Morocco Hosts 7th Digital Earth Summit 2018
[April 17-19, 2018]

International Symposium on Combinatorial Optimization
[April 11-13, 2018]

march 2018 

Quality as ‘Common Denominator’: First International Education Quality Conference Begins in Agadir
[March 14-16, 2018]

Agadir to Host 1st Annual International Conference on Education Quality
[March 14-16, 2018]

Forum ENSAT Entreprises to Launch 12th Edition
[March 8-9, 2018]

Intensive Aorist Gemination in Moroccan Amazigh: Putting the Pieces of the Puzzle together
[March 7, 2018]

L'Geek Week 4th Edition

february 2018 

First Colloquium on Language Contact in Education: Theory and Pedagogy (LCETP)
[February 27-28, 2018]

Marrakech to Host 15th Annual Officine Expo
[February 23-24, 2018]

Morocco Hosts 1st Summit of World Merit Councils
[February 20-24, 2018]

january 2018 

Marrakech Hosts Conference on Growth, Jobs & Inclusiveness in Arab World
[January 29-30, 2017]

december 2017 

Second National Conference Under the theme “Quality Assurance in English Studies in Moroccan Higher Education”
[14 December 2017]

The 6th Atlantic Dialogues 2017
[13-15 December 2017]

Laayoune Forum Celebrates ‘Creation and African Women Leadership
[7-9 December 2017]

International Conference on Natural Language, Signal and Speech Processing/Casablanca 2017

Islamic Finance & Sustainable Development: Towards a New Value Creation Ecosystem

november 2017 

Morocco Hosts Africa-China High Level Business Forum
[November 27-28, 2017] 

China-Africa Investment Forum in Morocco
[November 27-28, 2017] 

Nigerian First Lady Chairs Joint Businesswomen Summit in Marrakech
[November 15-20, 2017] 

Freedom of conscience and belief: between recognition and coexistence
[November 18, 2018]

october 2017 

Typology and evolution of the negative system in Tamazight
[October 20, 2017]

Structural and algorithmic geolinguistic complexity in Tamazight
[October 18, 2017]

march 2017 

The syntax & morphology of number
[March 27, 2017]

february 2017 

The contradictions of US immigration policy“: Laboratoire Valeurs, Société et Développement/MACECE
[28 Feb, 2017]

International conference on New Media: Interactions and Transactions
[23-24 Feb, 2017]

Cultural Events
Call for Papers


 EuroSciCon  Conference on “Osteoporosis, Arthritis, Musculoskeletal disorder” to be held

at Amsterdam, Netherlands on November 29-30, 2018.

Kindly let us know your interest. 

Posted by: Finola Deus
[May 24, 2018 at 11:00 AM ]


 Good morning!

I have submitted my proposal to First Colloquium on Language Contact in Education: Theory and Pedagogy.

As I understood the answer about its acceptance or not could be received util ending of January. But I’m postdoctoral researcher with own scientific project who has to quite strictly plan all my scientific activities and also spending money for the next year. Would be it possible to get the answer earlier – in the ending of this year? This would help also organize a trip from Latvia to Morocco in the case of acceptance.

Hoping to Your understanding and quick response. 

Posted by: Solvita Poseik
[November 5, 2017 at 8:46 PM ]



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