Architecture studies in Morocco

Architecture studies in Morocco


Where can I study “Architecture”?   

Casablanca School of Architecture/Casablanca/

Casablanca School of ArchitectureCasablanca School of Architecture

National School of Architecture/Rabat/

Rabat School of Architecture/Rabat/

National Institute for Urban and Territorial Planning/Rabat/

National Institute for Urban and Territorial PlanningNational Institute for Urban and Territorial Planning

What are the access requirements?

What is the duration of study?

Bachelor’s [3 years], Master’s [2 years], Doctotate [3 years]

What are the courses offered?  


What are the subjects studied?


What are the degrees awarded?


What are the job prospects?


Related institutions, Facilities and Services

Logo: CNOAMCouncil of the Moroccan Architects Association/CNOAM


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    Architecture Studies in Morocco/