About Us

About Us

Welcome to moroccodemia
The term “moroccodemia” is a portmanteau made up of ‘morocco’ and ‘academia’. It is dedicated to gathering, disseminating and archiving information on the wider Moroccan academia.  Here is an overview of the website:

It is an open-access website
Students, academics, administrators and employers as well as the general public have direct access to the website.

It is a multilingual website
Users can browse in three languages: Arabic, English and French.

It acts as a hub
As well as listing key information on the wider Moroccan academia, moroccodemia establishes links to other websites which it deems relevant and may interest moroccodemia users and provide them with more in-depth information about related topics.

Information is archived chronologically
The website gives special attention to dates: a key feature of moroccodemia is that information is presented in a descending order starting from the most recent.

Moroccodemia welcomes contributions
Students, academics, administrators, employers and the civil society are invited to submit articles, books, videos and other material they would like to share with other moroccodemia users.

We take a problem-solving approach
We raise Issues and we seek solutions. Moroccodemia users are systematically involved: their opinions and suggestions are sought through periodic surveys.

We support an open higher education
Our objective is to promote excellence and contribute towards a modern, attractive higher education, open to all.

Moroccodemia is run by a dedicated team of experts
The team is made up of academics and students affiliated to local, national and international higher education institutions.

The moroccodemia team,



The moroccodemia Team

Hassan Bouzidi
Editor-in-chief | Founder

Omar Hajji
Editor, “moroccodemia arabic“

Abdallah Amghar
Editor, “moroccodemia french”

Mustapha Diwane
Editor, “moroccodemia english”

Salma Zoubir
Mohamed Chajia

Fatima Zahra Ziane

Amal Lachgar
Rachid Chdid
Said Jebbour
Web Design


About Us