Film and Theater Studies in Morocco

Film & Theater Studies in Morocco


Where can I pursue “Film & Theater Studies”?   

Higher Institute of Theater Arts and Cultural Animation/Rabat/Mdemia_Icon_Limited-Access

Higher Institute of Audiovisual and Film Professions/Rabat/

Higher Institute of Audiovisual and Film ProfessionsHigher Institute of Audiovisual and Film Professions

Marrakech School of Visual ArtsMarrakech School of Visual Arts

What are the access requirements?   

What is the duration of study?

Bachelor’s [3 years], Master’s [2 years], Doctotate [3 years]

What are the courses offered?


What are the subjects studied?


What are the degrees awarded?


What are the job prospects?


Related institutions, Facilities and Services   Moroccan Cinematographic CenterMoroccan Cinematographic Center – Rabat

Atlas Studios - OuarzazateAtlas Studios – Ouarzazate

Rick's-Café - CasablancaRick’s Café – Casablanca


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