Higher Education Institutions in Morocco

Higher Education Institutions in Morocco

On completion of the secondary school program (baccalaureate/higher secondary certificate), students can pursue their studies in many open-access (Mdemia_Icon_Open-Access) higher education institutions. They are, however, required to have high baccalaureate grades and take an entrance exam to attend limited-access (Mdemia_Icon_Limited-Access) institutions. Higher schools (grandes écoles) require a further two years of preparatory classes, on top of a secondary-school diploma, for admission. As for private and privately-run (Mdemia_Icon_Private) higher education institutions, students may be required to sit for an entrance exam/interview, as well as pay registration and scholarship fees.

What is the number of Higher Education institutions?

Public Universites

Faculties of Sciences

Faculties of Legal, Economic and Social Sciences

Faculties of Letters and Human Sciences

Multidisciplinary Faculties

Faculties of Theology

Limited-access institutions supervised by the ministry of higher education

Faculties of Medicine and Pharmacy

Faculties of Dentistry

Schools of Business and Management

Faculties of Sciences and Techniques

Higher Schools of Technology (EST)

Schools of Applied Sciences

Institutes and Schools Accessible to Preparatory Classes Students via the National Competitive Exam

Schools and Institutes of Jounalism and Media

Teacher Training Schools (ENS/ENSET)

Faculties of Education Sciences


Schools and Institutes of Tourism


Regional Center for Education and Training


Schools and Institutes of Translation


Limited-access institutions run by other ministries


Limited-access institutes and schools


Privately-run Public Universities


Private institutions


Private higher education faculties, schools and institutes


List of private higher education institutions in French

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