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Please note that moroccodemia is is a database of information about higher education in Morocco. Data are archived based on the date of publication and relevance. We publish information in the form of press articles, book reviews, project previews, podcasts, moocs, images, dates, figures. We do not publish ‘research articles’ or ‘books’.  We do, however, list  ‘journal articles’ published in national and international ‘peer-reviewed’ journals as well as books published by recognized publishing houses.


This form is reserved for sending English-language material.
To submit material in French, please use the form provided for that purpose on moroccodemiafrench.  

To send material in Arabic use the form on moroccodemiaarabic.


Text should be single-spaced and use a size 10 ‘verdana’ font.

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Book covers (spreads) should be in large size to enable users to clearly view the contents of both back and front covers.


Only direct links to videos on the original websites should be sent.



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