Call for papers

Call for papers


April 2025

Poster: 1st International Women’s Studies Conference

June 2024

Poster: Moroccan-European Narratives of Encounter

May 2024

Poster/Blending Heritage and Innovation in Language Teaching

March 2024

Autonomous Lerning & the Digital Revolution

December 2023

Conference poster: PostCovid Digital Turn in H.Ed

November 2023

Conference poster: Endangered languages

October 2023

Conference: What andragogical and didactic approaches for the university of tomorrow?

Conference poster: 6th International Conference on Education Quality

Poster: 6th International Conference on “Cultures and Languages in Contact”

Conference: Women & Leadership

March 2023

Poster: Confrence on Media and Society

Conference poster: Entrepreneurship and University

Conference poster: Language Policies and the Construction of Identities

December 2022


Conference poster: Memory and identity in North Africa


Conference poster: African Women in Media 2022


November 2022

Conference poster: ImmUnity and CommUnity

October 2022

Conference poster: Humanities and Social SciencesConference poster: Erasmus Scientific Days

July 2022

Conference poster: Humanities and Social Sciences Post-Covid

June 2022


Confrence poster: Post-COVID-Higher-Education

Conference Poster: Innovation in Education and Communication

May 2022

Conference poster: Issues in Media, Culture and Education

Conference Poster: Current issues in Language, Education and Globalization

Conference: Tertiary Education Quality/May 18-19, 2022/FLSH Ben MellalPoster

Conference poster: New Horizons in Third Millenium Education

Conference poster: Discourse, Meaning and Understanding

March 2022

Poster: Post-Covid-19 Remote Learning conference

Conference: Foreign Language Teaching in Higher Education

Conference Poster: Intercultural Issues in Anglo-American Literature

March 2022

Poster: Conference/Fifth International Conference on Education Quality/March 9-11, 2022/FLSH Agadir

January 2022

Conference Poster: Call for Papers, Developments in Doctoral Education & Training


November 2021

Poster: Translation, Foreign Language Teaching & Multilingualism

Otober 2021

Poster: Values Education to Principled Innovation/Oujda Morocco/October 2021

June 2021

Mohamed I University – Oujda

[June 18-19, 2021]

Higher School of Technology – Laayoune

[June 12-14, 2021]

Poster: Undergraduate Research/Culture & Identity Studies

Poster:Ben Msik 5th National E-Conference of Dotoral Students

May 2021

Poster: ALCS 3rd Doctoal Symposium

Poster: : Comparative Literature Studies, May 20-21, 2021

February 2021

Poster; Confrence/COVID-19 and ICT-Enabled Education/Online/Feb. 2020

December 2020

The Sixth International Conference on “Cultures and Languages in Contact”[December 9-10, 2020]

June 2020

Innovative Pedagogies & Practices in English Language Teaching: Addressing Current and Future Trends in Higher Education [June 20, 2020]

April 2020

Identity in Cultural Diversity [April 8- 9, 2020]

Environmental Discourse: Understanding Theory and Practice[April 1- 2, 2020]

March 2020

Aluni Confrence poster


Poster: Higher Education

English in a Professional Context: Challenges and Prospects[March 16–17, 2020]

december 2019

The Applied Language & Culture Studies Lab organizes its 3rd national conference on Discourse & Translation [December 12, 2019]

3rd national conference on Discourse & Translation

september 2019

International workshop on Rethinking Research and Pedagogies in the age of Digital Humanities [September 26-28, 2019]

june – october 2019

“Women and Politics: MENA Experiences” June 2019 in Abu Dhabi, UAE – October 2019 in Rabat, Morocco[June – October, 2019]

june 2019

The Third National Conference of Doctoral Students on Research in Language and Transculturalism [June 21, 2019]

april 2019

Second Doctoral Seminar on The Role of Statistics in Applied Linguistics Research Methodology[April 30, 2019]

The Moroccan-American Studies Lab. organizes the 1st national Study Day on “Rethinking Africa”[April 25, 2019]

The second doctoral symposium: New Perspectives in the Study of Language, Culture, and Translation[April 24-25, 2019]

English Language Needs Analysis in Institutions of Science and Technology [April 18-19, 2019]

Citizenship Education: the Challenges of Reacting to Global Changes[April 15-16, 2019]

march 2019

Politics and Aesthetics of Diversity [March 20-21, 2019]

International Conference on Education Quality 2019 [March 13-15, 2019]

Second Colloquium on Language Contact in Education: Multilingual Competences and practices (LCEMCP)[March 13-14, 2019]

The Problematic of Difference [March 10-11, 2019]


december 2018

What English department for tomorrow: challenges and commitments [December 20-21, 2018]

The Fifth International Conference on “Cultures and Languages in Contact[December12-13, 2018]

november 2018

Across Borders and Thresholds: Performing Migration [November 23-26, 2018]

Communication, Culture and Translation: From Interdisciplinary Research to Local Action[November 23-24, 2018]

october 2018

The United States of America in Moroccan Academic Studies: Questions and expectations[October  4-5, 2018]

may 2018

Global Education and Teaching Methods [Dates: May  16-17, 2018]

The Koranic Discourse & Translation Challenges [Dates: May 9, 2018]

Identities in Transit: The Ethics and Politics of Representation [Deadline: May 2, 2018] 

february 2018

First Colloquium on Language Contact in Education: Theory and Pedagogy [Dates: February  27-28, 2018]


december 2017

Morocco Under Western Eyes: The Representation of Morocco in Western Travel Writings [Dates: December  16, 2017]

Approaches and Challenges in Arabic Language Pedagogy[Dates: December  15-17, 2017]

Quality Assurance in English Studies in Moroccan Higher Education[Dates: December  14, 2017]

august 2017

World Congress of African Linguistics 9 [Dates: August  23-26, 2017]

may 2017

Issues in English Language Teaching: Theory and Practice[Dates: May 18, 2017]

Language and Current Issues [Dates: May 3-4, 2017]

april 2017

Political Discourse and Academic Research[Dates: April 14, 2017]

Cultures and Languages[Dates: April 25, 2017]

march 2017

Sub-Saharan Migration towards Western Europe [Dates: March  10-11, 2017]

The International Conference on Interdisciplinary Approaches to Literature, Linguistics and Translation[Dates: November 21-23, 2017]



Book Project Title: Media Censorship in the Arab World

Book publication poster: Modernity and the Global South


Poster: The Covid Pandemic and the digital turn in Higher Education

Gendered Bodies on the Move: Re-understanding Women’s Migratory Experiencse

January 2022

Journa Cover: CFP/JALCS/Invitation for Manuscript Submission 5th issue


january 2020

Third Issue of Journal of Applied Language and Culture Studies (JALCS) Invitation for Submissions [Deadline: November 30, 2019 ]


november 2018

“Gender-Based Violence” in Morocco: Conceptual Frameworks, Challenges and Strategies [Deadline: November 30, 2018 ]

january 2018

The Journal of Critical Humanities and Social Studies [Deadline: January 31, 2018 ]

may 2018

Call for Papers – Edited Volume on Young Arab Women Beyond Boundaries and Borders [Deadline: May 15, 2018 ]


july 2017

Journal of Applied Language and Culture Studies [Deadline: July 15, 2017]


november 2016

Revue Afrique Contemporaine [Deadline: November 1, 2016]

Call for papers/