Kingdom of Morocco

Kingdom of Morocco



What are the variant appellations for Morocco?

Officially, the Kingdom of Morocco, but the term Morocco is by far the most common. “Amour Akouch” is also used by some Amazigh speakers.

What is the geographical location of Morocco?

Morocco is located on the northwestern tip of Africa.

What are the borders of Morocco?

Morocco is bordered by Algeria in the west, Mauritania in the south, the Mediterranean Sea in the north and overlooks Spain and Portugal across the Gibraltar straits (Worth mentioning here the Spanish exclaves of Ceuta and Melilla in the north of Morocco) and the Atlantic Ocean in west.

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What is the surface area

[453,730 km2] [175,186 mi2] is the surface area of Morocco.

How many regions are there in Morocco?

The Moroccan territory is broken down into [12 regions]

Map: Morocco Regions 2016The 12 Regions of Morocco 2016

What is the population of Morocco?

[36,910,558] is the population of Morocco (2020 World Bank data).

What is the capital?

Rabat is the capital of Morocco.

RabatCity of Rabat

What is the nature of the political regime?

Morocco is a constitutional monarchy.

Who is the Chief of State?

King Mohammed VI is the Chief of State.

Mohammed VIMohammed VI

Who is the Head of Government?

Head of Government Aziz Akhnouch is the Head of Government

Portrait: Aziz AkhnouchAziz Akhnouch

What is the official language of Morocco?

Arabic and Amazigh are the two official languages of Morocco.

What is the currency of Morocco?

The Moroccan dirham is the currency.


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