Moroccan Civil Society in the electronic press

Moroccan Civil Society in the electronic press

Law 103-13 on the Elimination of Violence Against Women in Morocco: A Missed Rendezvous with Democracy?
[September 14, 2018]

Morocco: Some 300 Women Become “Adouls”
[July 23, 2018]

Women Empowerment is a National Cause: El Othmani
[July 20, 2018]

Morocco Gives 23,151 Birth Certificates to Unregistered Moroccan Children
[June 1, 2018]

Over 37 bln DH Allocated to Morocco’s Human Development Initiative
[May 27, 2018]

Ministry of Education, NGO Sign Agreement to Teach Students Entrepreneurial Skills
[May 19, 2018]

Meeting in Rabat Discussed Ways to Fight Precariousness Affecting Women, Children
[February 21, 2018]

‘Unfair’ Tax System: Associations Pay 30% of Taxes, Private Schools 17%
[February 17, 2018]

Morocco Approves Law Protecting Women from Violence
[February 15, 2018]

2017 Unemployment Rate at 10.2% in Morocco, Up 4.2% From 2016 Fiscal Year: HCP
[February 7, 2018]

Government Recognizes Shortcomings in Human Rights Policies
[January 26, 2018]

Adoul Profession Opens to Women, another Victory for Gender Equality in Morocco
[January 23, 2018]

Moroccan Intellectual Abdallah Laroui Wants to Make Inheritance Wills a Requirement for Moroccans
[January 19, 2018]

Morocco Tops North African Countries in Global Knowledge Index
[December 30, 2017]

50% of Pregnant Women in Rural Areas Risk Dying during Pregnancy
[December 23, 2017]

Morocco Launches Water Police to Supervise Use of Water Resources
[December 22, 2017]

Minister of Family Wants Paternity DNA Test, Still Needs Courses in Family Law
[December 21, 2017]

Foreign Spouses of Moroccan Women Can Soon Obtain Moroccan Citizenship
[December 19, 2017]

In Morocco, You Could Be Fined MAD 25 For Jaywalking
[December 15, 2017]

EU Human Rights Report Draws Contrast between Morocco and Algeria
[December 15, 2017]

GADEM Activist: As Long as Migrants Are in Morocco, Govt. Should Give Them Adequate Shelter
[December 4, 2017]

Young Moroccan Receives Common Ground Award for Fight Against Violent Extremism
[December 2, 2017]

Violence against Women: 16 Actions that Can Amend Morocco’s 103-13 Bill
[November 29, 2017]

Finance Ministry’s ‘Social Cohesion’ Fund Grossly Underspent MAD 15 Billion Budget
[November 29, 2017]

Rabat Fountains Dyed Red by Feminist Activists, Authorities Condemn
[November 28, 2017]

HIV Infections in Morocco Fell by 44 percent from 2004 to 2016
[November 28, 2017]

Morocco Retrieves 43,000 Archival Documents About Moroccan Jews From France
[November 17, 2017]

Morocco’s Internet Use ‘Partially Free’: Freedom House
[November 15, 2017]

Moroccan Activist Karima Rhanem Wins Pan-African Humanitarian Award
[November 4, 2017]

Gender Equality: Morocco Just 2 Points Ahead of Saudi Arabia
[November 3, 2017]

Moroccan Teachers of French ‘Not Good’ In French: Study
[October 29, 2017]

1 in 6 Moroccan Households Headed by Women: HCP
[October 11, 2017]

Nearly Half of Morocco’s Sick Elderly Can’t Pay for Healthcare
[October 5, 2017]

Over 1 Million Moroccan Homes Are Vacant, Mostly in Cities: HCP
[October 3, 2017]

Adala Association Founds Free Legal Clinic to Provide ‘Justice for All’
[September 27, 2017]

UN Approves Morocco’s Human Rights Program Despite Criticism by NGOs
[September 22, 2017]

MEPI: Moroccan Associations Get $10 Million US Grant
[September 22, 2017]

Moroccan Ecologist Saad Abid to Discuss Climate Change Prevention at UN Climate Week in NYC
[September 20, 2017]

Social Media Campaign Seeks to End ‘Expiration’ of Moroccan Baccalaureate Degree
[September 16, 2017]

Aicha Chenna: Moroccan Society Has Lost Its Courage
[August 25, 2017]

Outrage Grows in Morocco after Sexual Assault on a Girl in Casablanca Bus
[August 24, 2017]

Al Hoceima Crown Prosecutor Rejects Rumors Surrounding Rif Activist’s Death
[August 10, 2017]

African Diaspora Associations from Europe and Morocco hosted by the CCME
[July 19, 2017]

Salé Association Fights Extremism with Cultural and Technical Workshops
[July 18, 2017]

IKHAE Association Empowers Women
[June 14, 2017]

Morocco’s Aicha Chenna Wins Monte Carlo Woman of the Year Award
[June 14, 2017]

First Guide for Child Victims of Sexual Abuse Launched in Morocco
[June 13, 2017]

Insaf Association Calls for Sex Education and the Right to Abortion
[June 12, 2017]

Mediterranean Film and Human Rights Association to Spotlight Right to Education at National Library
[June 12, 2017]

Moroccan Activist Aicha Ech-chenna Calls For Teaching Sex Education in School
[April 5, 2017]

Japan donates over MAD 2 million to three Moroccan associations
[March 7, 2017]

Civil Society activists Create Moroccan Observatory of Violence in Schools
[May 31,  2016]

Citizenship Education to Prevent School Violence
[27 April 2015]

Citizenship Education in Morocco: How civil society organizations can help
[February 15, 2015]

Media and Civic Education
[August 10, 2014]

The untapped potential of digital citizen engagement in Morocco: a data-driven approach to online participation
[July 25, 2014]

Why do we need to teach civic education, engagement and democracy values in Moroccan Universities?
[March 11,  2012]

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