Research in Morocco in the electronic press

Research in Morocco in the electronic press

Minister: Less Than 1% of Morocco’s GDP Went to Research in 2017
[January 19, 2019]

Essaouira Begins First Innovation Lab in Morocco
[December 20, 2018]

ISO Accredits Medical Research Institute Pasteur Maroc [December 14, 2018]

Fez University to Manufacture Morocco’s 1st Nanosatellite [December 7, 2018]

Mars in Morocco: EU Partners Test Space Robotics Technologies in Moroccan Sahara [December 7, 2018]

Toyota Tsusho to Deliver Morocco Marine Research Vessel in 2021 [October 8, 2018]

Scientists Find Oldest Bone-Knife in North Africa in Morocco [October 4, 2018]

EU Parliament Adopts Morocco-EU PRIMA Scientific Cooperation Agreement [October 3, 2018]

Morocco, EU Sign Partnership to Bolster Research and Innovation in Mediterranean [January 25, 2018]

US Drops out of Top 10 in Innovation, Morocco Ranks 50th [January 25, 2018]

Moroccan Scientists Invent Efficient Wastewater Filter [November 11, 2017]

Morocco Competes in Enactus World Cup with ‘Green’ Innovations [September 26, 2017]

French Research Center Director Quits After Accusations of ‘Racism and Neocolonialism’ [September 15, 2017]

French Director of Research Center in Morocco Accused of Racism [September 10, 2017]

Arab World Institute: Morocco One of the ‘Most Creative and Inventive’ Countries in Arab World [September 6, 2017]

Moroccan Inventors Win 5 Gold Medals at Canadian Innovation Competition [August 28, 2017]

Ministry of Culture Wants to Classify Jbel Irhoud as International Archaeological Site [August 7, 2017]

PSA Group, Morocco Launch OpenLab for Research on Sustainable Mobility for Africa [July 12, 2017]

Antibiotic Booster Discovery Puts Morocco on Global Pharmaceutical Map [June 17, 2017]

Moroccan Wins European Inventor of the Year Award [June 16, 2017]

UNESCO: Morocco Rewarded for Promoting Gender Approach in Fishery Sciences [May 7, 2017]

Moroccan Researcher Develops Molecule that Slows AIDS Replication [May 6, 2017]

Morocco Leads in Science, Technology and Innovation in Africa: Report [March 29, 2017]

Morocco selected among 5 African nations world’s potential Critical Thinking Hub [April 10, 2017]

Morocco ranks first for innovation capacity in Africa [April 06, 2017]

Morocco Leads in Science, Technology and Innovation in Africa: Report [March 29, 2017]

Research: the weak link in the Moroccan Higher Education System [October 4, 2016]

Moroccan Inventor Refuses Offers from the US, Korea, and Malaysia [September 08, 2016]

Moroccan University To Participate in ‘MCE University Campus’ Competition [Nov. 24, 2015]

Research in Morocco in the electronic press/