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Lancement du programme «Tech Camp»
[Novembre 7, 2018]

Programme Tahfiz: Plus de 2.800 entreprises bénéficiaires
[Novembre 3, 2018]

La loi sur la formation professionnelle entre en vigueur
[Novembre 2, 2018]

Doing Business 2019: Le Maroc dans le Top 60
[Novembre 1, 2018]

South Korea to Give Moroccans 4-Year Training in Automotive Production
[October 15, 2018]

Morocco to Train Africans in Car Industry
[October 15, 2018]

Unemployment: King Urges Government to Create New Vocational Training Programs
[October 2, 2018]

Seasonal Employment: Yatim Wants to Revise Agreement with Spain
[October 3, 2018]

Lahlimi: One-Third of Moroccan Graduates Are Unemployed
[August 6, 2018]

How to Turn the Moroccan Brain Drain into a Brain Gain
[July 27, 2018]

Morocco’s Federation of Employers Elects Salah Eddine Mezouar new President
[May 23, 2018]

Souss-Massa Region to Become Platform of Exports to Africa
[January 29, 2017]

King Mohammed VI Eyes Industrial Development in Souss-Massa Region
[January 29, 2018]

Morocco to Launch Gradual Dirham Float on January 15
[January 13, 2017]

60 Percent of Workers in Morocco Feel Discouraged because of Salaries
[January 12, 2018]

Moroccan Employers and Economic Actors in the electronic press/