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Morocco Allocates Over MAD 70 Billion for Higher Education Improvements in 2018
[February 7, 2018]

El Othmani on the Govt’s Intent to Abandon Free Education: ‘Completely Untrue’
[January 4, 2018]

Moroccan Universities Rank Last on Times Higher Education’s Ratings
[September 4, 2017]

EIB support for private sector and higher education in Morocco: €105 million of new financing signed
[July 10, 2017]

Capacity building of the National Authority of Evaluation (NAE) of the education system, training and scientific research, Morocco
[July 3, 2017]

Support to the Higher Education system in Morocco within the framework of a rapprochement with the European Higher Education Area
[June 26, 2017]

Free Tuition Not Discussed by Parliament, Will Continue as Usual: Education Minister
[June 14, 2017]

58 Percent of Moroccan Students Enrolled in Universities Do Not Graduate
[May 16, 2017]

China Invites Moroccans to Study at Its Higher-Ed Institutions
[May 12, 2017]

King Inaugurates Mohammed VI Polytechnic University in Benguerir Green City
[January 12 2017]

Morocco’s Supreme Council for Education Prepares Strategic Roadmap for Reform
[13 October 2016]

PhD, to be or not to be
[September 3, 2016]

Morocco’s colonial heritage in higher education
[17 June 2016]

Minister of Higher Education Promises Reform with Strategic Vision 2030
[06 June 2016]

Morocco Suspends Contact With Protesting Teacher Trainees
[31 March 2016]

Moroccan University To Participate in ‘MCE University Campus’ Competition
[24 November 2015]

One Moroccan University Only Among the World’s Top 800 Universities
[3 October 2015]

Morocco still aiming to boost education quality and access
[9 February 2015]

In Morocco and abroad, universities are more than just a financial investment, they can instil collective belonging
[April 25, 2014]

Morocco Welcomes First US University Campus with Dedication of University of New England – Tangier
[April 25, 2014]

Sub-Saharan students in Morocco: both welcomed and shunned
[Apr 25, 2014] 

Higher Education in Morocco
[January 2014]

Moroccan Universities Must Begin to Charge Tuition
[10 Sep 2013] 

Overview of Moroccan Higher Education
[March 11, 2013]

King of Morocco to build first African hub of higher education
[Nov 19, 2012]

Al Karaouin of Fez: The Oldest University in the World
[Oct 2, 2012]

Gaps in Graduates’ Skills Confound Morocco
[September 29 2012]

Tougher Visa Restrictions in EU Present Opportunity for Morocco’s Private Institutions
[January 19, 2007]

Jobless Moroccan  Graduates Threaten Suicide
[ June 30, 2006]

 European Focus for Morocco Reforms
[January 16, 2004]

Morocco Phases out International Programs
[October 18, 2002]

Beards are Back but no Che
[July 20, 2001]

 Moonlight Gets Blackout
[February 2, 2001]

 The Challenges of Change
[May 5, 2000]

French is no Longer de rigueur
[April 24, 1998]

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