Moroccan University students in the electronic press

Moroccan University students in the electronic press

“هوليود إفريقيا” تجذب الشباب للتكوين في مهن الصناعة السينمائية
[28 مارس 2018]

«Study in the USA fair» Casablanca : Les universités US à la rencontre des étudiants marocains
[29 mars 2018]

Moroccan Students Compete in LEGO’s Space Science, Robotics Competition
[February 11, 2019]

3 Moroccan OFPPT Students Win Gold Medals in WorldSkills Competition in Rwanda
[December 3, 2018]

France to Increase University Cost for International Students
[November 19, 2018]

Morocco’s ENSA to Host First Phase of $1 Million Hult Prize Competition
[November 15, 2018]

Morocco to Compete in $1 Million Challenge for Problem-Solving Project
[October 31, 2018]

How Scholarships and Study Grants are Advancing Morocco’s Soft Power in Africa
[November 3, 2018]

Moroccans, Largest Foreign Student Community in France
[October 14, 2018]

Université: Le Budget Alloué aux Bourses d’Études S’éléve à 1,8 Milliard de Dirhams
[Octobre 10, 2018]

4 Moroccans Compete in International Olympiad in Informatics
[September 6, 2018]

Morocco’s Education Ministry Ends ‘Expiration’ of Baccalaureate Degree
[September 5, 2018]

Australian University Offers Scholarship for Moroccan Students
[September 3, 2018]

Education Ministry Reinstates Philosophy in Professional Baccalaureate
[August 4, 2018]

168 Moroccan Students in Prison Pass Baccalaureate Exams
[June 27, 2018]

Moroccan Exchange Students Share Final Iftar at Dar America
[June 14, 2018]

Moroccan Siham Meftahi Wins Maghreb Engineering Student Award
[June 9, 2018]

Smartphone Use and Dependency among Moroccan University Students
[May 31, 2018]

Amzazi Reminds Baccalaureate Candidates to Leave Phones at Home during Exams[March
[May 29, 2018]

Morocco’s Special Needs Students to Benefit from Adapted Baccalaureate Exams
[May 27, 2018]

Ministry of Education Sets up Cameras to Deter Cheating in Baccalaureate Exams
[May 14, 2018]

Moroccan Students Living Abroad to Participate in 10th ‘Summer Universities’ Program
[May 8, 2018]

New Online Service for Baccalaureate Students
[February 11, 2018]

Morocco Welcomed Over 11,000 Foreign Students in 2017
[January 8, 2017]

First in the Arab world, International Space Station to Hold Teleconference with Moroccan Students
[December 26, 2017]

Moroccan Students Can Visit Rabat’s Mohammed VI Museum for Free on Wednesdays
[November 2, 2017] moroccoworldnews

Call for Applications: ‘Student Leadership’ Program to Send Morocco’s Future Female Leaders to US
[November 1, 2017]

University Graduates in Laayoune Protest Unemployment, Slam ‘Non-Responsive’ Local Authorities
[October 20, 2017]

Moroccan Police arrest four University Students For Kidnapping Security Official
[October 19, 2017]

Oum Kaltoum Harati: The First Moroccan to Write, Present MD Dissertation in English
[October 9, 2017]

Morocco, Training Powerhouse For Africans
[October 2, 2017]

Call for Applications: US Study-Abroad Program for Moroccan High School Students
[September 25, 2017]

Moroccan Twin Sisters Win Awards for Electrical Engineering Projects in Montreal
[September 4, 2017]

Document Reveals Polisario Leadership Asks Cuba Not to Deliver University Degrees to Sahrawi Students
[August 31, 2017]

Following Outrage on Social Media, Moroccan Top Baccalaureate Student Gets Scholarship
[August 22, 2017]

Japanese Ambassador Congratulates 14 Moroccans with Scholarships to Study in Japan
[August 11, 2017]

Chevening Scholarships to UK Now Accepting Applications for 2018-2019
[August 4, 2017]

Ahmed, Moroccan Student Wins Bronze Medal at International Mathematical Olympiad
[July 26, 2017]

Govt. Grants Scholarships to 100,000 Moroccan Trainees
[July 21, 2017]

Lines&Spaces: An American-organized writers tour introduces the youth of Morocco to Creative Writing
[July 16, 2017]

Moroccan Students to Participate in TechGirls Exchange Program in the US
[July 12, 2017]

Dakar: Two Moroccan Students Die in High-Speed Motorcycle Accident
[June 30, 2017]

Video: Othman El Ferdaous Advises High School Graduates
[June 11, 2017]

Grading of Baccalaureate Exams Starts on Friday: Ministry
[June 11, 2017]

Baccalaureate Exam Cheating Down 60 Percent Over 2016: Education Ministry
[June 9, 2017]

Ministry of Education Creates More Than 20,000 New Positions
[June 8, 2017]

Moroccan Ministry of Education Launches Online Baccalaureate Scholarship Service
[June 2, 2017]

325,191 Moroccan Students to Sit 2017 Baccalaureate Exam
[June 2, 2017]

Italian Justice Frees Moroccan Student Accused of Terrorism
[May 24, 2017]

All You Need to Know about the International Baccalaureate
[May 15, 2017]

Morocco: Disabled Student Banned from Defending His Ph.D.
[May 10, 2017]

Agadir to Hold Symposium on Employment
[April 20, 2017]

Moroccan Students’ Questions Leave Islamic Scholar Speechless
[April 19, 2017]

US Scholarship Opens for Moroccan English Teachers
[April 18, 2017]

British Council Launches Leadership Training Program
[April 15, 2017]

Moroccan students from Catalunya at the CCME
[April 11, 2017]

Over 18,000 Sub-Saharan Students Enrolled in Moroccan Universities
[March 21, 2017]

Court Cancels Doctoral Fees For Moroccan Working Students
[March 12, 2017]

Mohammed VI University Launches Preventive Medicine Program
[March 08, 2017]

Police Arrest Five Assailants of Moroccan Student Killed in Senegal
[March 01, 2017]

Rabat to Host 14th Annual Geni-Enterprises Forum
[Feb 23, 2017]

Rabat Hosts 17th Annual International Student Forum on Feb. 16-18
[Feb 10, 2017]

Morocco Wins Three Awards at International Debate Competition in Japan
[Jan 26, 2017]

Moroccan Minister Calls For Declaring Violent Students’ Fractions Terrorist Groups
[25 May 2016]

PhD Candidates Cannot Defend their theses if They Do Not Speak English: Minister
[23 May 2016]

Morocco Is Not Alone in Downloading Pirated Scientific Papers
[30 April 2016]

In Morocco, Unemployment Can Be A Full-Time Job
[January 11, 2012]

A lot of graduates in Morocco get to 30 and still don’t have a job
[February 14, 2011]

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