Moroccan academics in the electronic press

Moroccan academics in the electronic press

27Sept 2021
19Oct 2020

Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah University Virtually Hosts Scientific Research Conference
[May 3rd, 2020]

Moroccan Intellectual Abdallah Laroui Extolls Importance of Literacy
[January 10, 2020]

Moroccan Professor, Researcher Mohamed Benchrifa Dies at 88
[November 24, 2018]

El Jadida: Mr. Abdellah Boussouf gives an inaugural lecture on Moroccan religiosity for Moroccans living in western countries
[October 30, 2018]

Languages and Linguistics Journal Studies Tamazight in School Books
[September 25, 2018]

Moroccan Author Meryem Alaoui Nominated for Prestigious Goncourt Prize
[September 7, 2018]

Moroccan Urologist Karim Touijer Named 2018 Best Doctor in New York
[September 3, 2018]

Moroccan Physicist Latifa Elouadrhiri Makes Ground-Breaking Nuclear Physics Discovery
[August 11, 2018]

3 Moroccan Academics Receive French Solidarity Award
[April 25, 2018]

Morocco’s Archaeological Site Jebel Irhoud Classified as Historical National Heritage
[January 8, 2018]

Saudi Arabia Wants to Recruit Female Professors from Mohammed V University in Rabat
[December 16, 2017]

Moroccan Professor Released From ‘Humiliating’ Detention in Belgium
[December 4, 2017]

MACECE to Celebrate 45th Anniversary in Rabat
[November 9, 2017]

Amale Elatrassi talks about “Muslim Wolf”, Rape, Forced Exil and Imprisonment
[October 25, 2017]

Moroccan Author Yassmine Chami Receives Special Mention From 2017 Arab Literature Prize Jury
[October 22, 2017]

Mahi Binebine’s “Le Fou du Roi” Makes Prix Renaudot Finals, Leila Slimani’s “Sexe et Mensonges” Voted Out
[October 5, 2017]

Al Qarawiyyin Professors to Teach at Italian University’s New Islamic Studies Program
[September 28, 2017]

Saeida Rouass: Writing to Connect Morocco with the English-Speaking World
[September 20, 2017]

Moroccan Nuclear Physicist Rajaa Cherkaoui El Moursli Honored at Islamic Science and Tech Summit in Kazakhstan
[September 12, 2017]

Moroccan Authors Mahi Binebine and Leïla Slimani in the Running for Prix Renaudot Literary Award
[September 7, 2017]

Professor Driss Guerraoui Becomes First Moroccan Member of Lisbon’s Sciences Academy
[September 5, 2017]

Moroccan University Exam Places God at Top of Political System Sparking Outrage
[August 3, 2017]

Moroccan Professor to Chair Organization of Islamic Cooperation’s Human Rights Committee
[July 11, 2017]

Moroccan Professor Accused of Sexually Exploiting Students Given 1 Year in Jail, MAD 5,000 Fine
[June 23, 2017]

US: Morocco Wins 8 INPEX International Exhibition of Inventions Awards
[June 18, 2017]

Professor Arrested for Sexually Exploiting Students Confesses to Charges Brought Against Him
[May 10, 2017]

Professor Arrested for Sexually Exploiting Students
[May 6, 2017]

Conference : African Migration and South-South Cooperation
[April 27, 2017]

Telquel Apologizes to King Mohammed VI and Doctor Falsely Accused of Fraud
[April 24, 2017]

African Migration and South-South Cooperation
[April 27, 2017]

Abu Dhabi: 11th Sheikh Zayed Book Award Names Abdallah Laroui Cultural Personality of the Year
[April 05, 2017]

Souad Elmallem, a success story in aeronautics
[March 09, 2017]

Free University of Brussels Inaugurates Fatima Mernissi Cultural Chair
[Jan 29, 2017]

Moroccan Academics Establish Observatory on Extremism and Violence with El Mostafa Rezrazi at the helm
[July 25, 2016]

A 27-year old Moroccan Researcher Joins NASA
[May 3, 2014]

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