Islamic Studies in Morocco

Islamic Studies in Morocco


Where can I study “Islamic Studies”?

Al-Qaraouiyine University/Fez/

Al-Qaraouiyine University - FezAl-Qaraouiyine University – Fez

Mohammed VI Institute for the Training of Imams, Morchidines and Morchidates/Rabat/

Mohammed VI Institute for the Training of Imams, Morchidines and MorchidatesMohammed VI Institute for the Training of Imams, Morchidines and Morchidates

Related institutions, Facilities ans Services

Ministry of Habous and Religious Affairs/Rabat

Ministry of Habous and Religious AffairsMinistry of Habous and Religious Affairs

Dar Al Hadith Al Hassania/Rabat/

Dar Al Hadith Al HassaniaDar Al Hadith Al Hassania

Dar Al Hadith Al Hassania LibrayDar Al Hadith Al Hassania Libray

What are the access requirements? 

What is the duration of study?

Bachelor’s [3 years], Master’s [2 years], Doctotate [3 years]

What are the courses offered?


What are the subjects studied?


What are the degrees awarded?


What are the job prospects?



Hello,  I am from Norway and I want to learn more about Islam. I want to studiyabout the prophet Muhammad and his ways and also the history of islam to get a more undertsanding of the religion. I was wondering what kind of islamic studies you offer and how to apply.  

Posted by: Firi Adam
[November 1, 2018 at 10:01 AM ]


 I’m Mohamed siddeek, I have completed a PhD at the University of International Islamic University Malaysia in 2018 with a specialization in prophetic tradition (Hadith). My long-standing interest has been in prophetic guidance in building peaceful coexistence among multi-cultural and religious societies. I have developed a great appreciation for the different aspects for building the peaceful coexistence in the light of  prophetic traditions.

My topic of thesis to the doctoral degree is “Prophetic Guidance in Dealing with Non-Muslims: A Case Study of Muslim Minority in Sri Lanka”.

I was inspired to do this research due to the gaps that has recently widened between the Majority non-Muslims and Muslims minority in Sri Lanka. The National Shoora Council of Sri Lanka identified issues and challenges that caused this widening gap and concluded that the attitude and behavior of some extremist Muslims are the root cause of it all. I have taken the most pressing of such issues identified by the council and conducted an inductive, descriptive and analytical study from the perspective of Prophetic traditions to give out solutions in hopes of helping the ignorant Muslims to change their attitudes and behaviors so that InshaAllah to reconcile with the Majority community and thrive and progress in the most harmonious way which we have done for more than 1000 years.

My Master degree also was at the same university, faculty of Islamic revealed knowledge and human sciences. The research title was selected to fulfill the degree as “prophetic methodology in education”. For my bachelor’s thesis research I performed “Nasikh Wal Mansookh in prophetic tradition at University of Al- Azhar, Cairo- Egypt. Most of these research work were published in peer reviewed journals as shown in my CV. I’ve independently collaborated with few other research groups in India and Sri Lanka where we produced peer reviewed publications. Therefore, I believe that I’ve demonstrated my research aptitude, leadership and ability to establish and maintain research collaborations in a wide range of international research environments.

I’ve been networking with different experts in the field of “Hadith” from different part of the world such International Islamic University Malaysia, Sultan Sharif Ali Islamic university Brunei, university of Medras India, and Al- Imam Muhammad Ibnu Saud Islamic University of Saudi Arabia.

Given the opportunity, I am confident that with my current and previous research and teaching experience and achievements, combined with my future goal to become an independent research leader in the field of Qura’n and Sunnah studies, I will be able to contribute successfully to your institution by developing the technical skill set and knowledge that is required to succeed in my future independent research endeavors. If I am given an opportunity I can assure that I would be an asset both to the research team and the Department as a whole.  

Posted by: Mohamed Sideek
[March 25, 2018 at 4:09 AM ]



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