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Daily Survival of Working Poor and the Difficulties Associated with the Formation of “Class Consciousness
[october 2018] Labari Brahim  

Satiric Representation of the Arab-Muslim Emigrants, Enhancing Hatred and Xenophobia in the West.
[mai 2018] Benlaayouni, Karim  

Women, the environment, and the ability to act in Morocco: gentle effervescence
[2017] Boutkhil, Soumia

Poetry As Resistance: An Ecocritical Reading Of Sameh Derouich’s Haiku
[2017] Nasri, Chourouq

Approaching and Implementing Civic Education Pedagogies and Engagement Values in the Moroccan Classrooms: Gender-Based Perspectives
[2017] Mechouat, Karima

Rock engravings of Tiouado: A new discovery in the south east of Moroccan occidental Anti Atlas
[2017] Jiraoui, Bouchra et al.

Towards integrating MOOC in the moroccan higher educational system: economic pedagogical model based on ICT for on-going education and teacher motivation
[2017] Riyami, Bouchaib et al.

Moroccan Portrayals of the African War and the Protectorate: the Spanish in Tetuan seen through Local Sources.
[2015] Agmir, Youssef

Civil Society in Morocco under the New 2011 Constitution: Issues, Stakes and Challenges
[2014] Touhtou, Rachid

Assessment of Adaptive Capacity of Leaves and Roots of Golf Grass Plant Irrigated by Reclaimed Wastewater
[2014] Mouhanni,  Hind |  Boudinar, Brahim | Bendou,  Abdelaziz 

Study of the Wastewater Purifying Performance in the M’Zar Plant of Agadir, Morocco
[2013] Mouhanni,  Hind | Bendou,  Abdelaziz | Houari, Mustapha

Between the ESP Classroom and the Workplace: Bridging the Gap.
[2009] Bouzidi, Hassan 

Biochemistry and molecular biology in Morocco: Overview of scientific research and education
[2008] Baaziz, Mohammed 

Using ICT to Improve Higher Education in Morocco
[1997] Naciri, Hayat 

Women in the Moroccan Academic Field, Respectability and Power
[1996] Sabour, M’Hammed

Journal articles: Publications by Moroccan academics/