Law Studies in Morocco

Law Studies in Morocco


Where can I study “Law”?   

Higher Institute of the Magistracy/Rabat/

Higher Institute of the MagistracyHigher Institute of the Magistracy – Rabat

What are the access requirements?   

What is the duration of study?   

Bachelor’s [3 years], Master’s [2 years], Doctotate [3 years]

What are the courses offered?   


What are the subjects studied?


What are the degrees awarded?


What are the job prospects?  


Related institutions, Facilities and Services

Supreme Council of Magistracy  - RabatSupreme Council of Magistracy – Rabat

Ministry of JusticeMinistry of Justice – Rabat

Supreme Court - RabatSupreme Court – Rabat

Trade Tribunal - RabatTrade Tribunal – Rabat

National Human Rights CouncilNational Human Rights Council

Morocco’s Constitution of 2011

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Law Studies in Morocco/