Higher Education Institutions in Morocco

Higher Education Institutions in Morocco


On completion of the secondary school program (baccalaureate/higher secondary certificate), students can pursue their studies in many open-access (Mdemia_Icon_Open-Access) higher education institutions. They are, however, required to have high baccalaureate grades and take an entrance exam to attend limited-access (Mdemia_Icon_Limited-Access) institutions. Higher schools (grandes écoles) require a further two years of preparatory classes, on top of a secondary-school diploma, for admission. As for private and privately-run (Mdemia_Icon_Private) higher education institutions, students may be required to sit for an entrance exam/interview, as well as pay registration and scholarship fees.

What is the number of Higher Education institutions?

[332] is the number of higher education institutions in morocco (moroccodemia 2016).

[12] Public universities/Ministry of Higher education/Mdemia_Icon_Open-Access + Mdemia_Icon_Limited-Access/g1
[01] Public universities/Run by other ministries/Mdemia_Icon_Limited-Access/g2
[53] Public faculties, schools and institutes/Ministry of Higher education/Mdemia_Icon_Open-Access/g3
[37] Public faculties, schools and institutes/Ministry of Higher education/Mdemia_Icon_Limited-Access/g4

[26] Public faculties, schools and institutes/Run by other ministries/Mdemia_Icon_Limited-Access/g5
[02] Privately-run universities/Mdemia_Icon_Private/g6
[05] Private Universities/Mdemia_Icon_Private/g7
[196] Private faculties, schools and institutes/Mdemia_Icon_Private/g8

Open-access public institutions

Limited-access institutions supervised by the ministry of higher education

 Faculty of Sciences and Techniques - SettatFaculty of Sciences and Techniques – Settat

Limited-access institutions run by other ministries

Privately-run public institutions

Al-Akhawayn University - IfraneAl-Akhawayn University Campus – Ifrane

Private institutions


Ibn Zohr University University - Agadir
Sultane Moulay Slimane University - Beni Mellal
Hassan II University - Casablanca/Mohammadia
 Chouaib Doukkali University - El Jadida
 Sidi Mohammed Ben Abdallah University - Fez
Ibn Toufail University - Kenitra
Cadi Ayyad University - Marrakech
Moulay Ismail University/Mekness
Mohamed I University - Oujda
Mohammed V University - Rabat/Agdal+Souissi
Hassan I University - Settat
Abdelmalek Essaadi University - Tangier/Tetouan


Al-Qaraouiyne University - Fez





Al-Akhawayne University
Mohammed IV University of Health Sciences


Agadir International University
Casablanca International University
Private University of Fez
Private University of Marrakech
Rabat International University


Higher Education Institutions in Morocco/