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Our story

In the beginning there was a single web page.  The page was originally meant for the students in my Media Studies class.  At the end of each session, students would come to my desk asking for a reference, a book or an article.  Our university libraries are ill-equipped to deal with the growing demands of an ever-increasing student population.  

As academics we had to find alternative ways to provide our students with the necessary study and research materials.  As the requests grew, I (on my part) decided to set up a web page on “G-sites” with a few links to open-access material.  The single page turned into a set of pages and then into a website called moroccodemia (morocco + academia) designed using one of the most popular web-design software and hosted with an international hosting service provider.  The single website quickly morphed into a multisite now published in three languages

Our vision

The foundations for a strong database have been laid down, and just like a puzzle the pieces are starting to fall into place. As a new non-profit we are hoping to expand by extending our services to the community.  We are planning to recruit a team of young journalists who will work full-time to be able to travel to higher education institutions up and down the country to do interviews, news  and reports and to get hold of information first-hand.  

Students, especially those who originate from the countryside and far away towns and villages, face huge difficulties in moving to cities to study due to the high cost of living.  A student’s grant (633DH a month) barely meets his or her food expense.  We are planning to set up a decent scholarship for deserving students from disadvantaged communities and low-income families to allow them to continue their studies home and abroad.

moroccodemia student welfare

Our needs

Of course, a website’s maintenance requires a huge investment in time, effort and financial resources.  The moroccodemia team is made up of academics and college students working hard to keep the website running.  The team are mostly volunteers (for now, anyway), but we still need to secure the resources for things like domain registration, web-hosting, software acquisition and renewal, purchase of audiovisual equipment (PC, tablet, camera, etc).  

moroccodemia is a nonprofit educational organization and uses all revenue in service back to the community.  

We are doing our best to keep the website add-free.

Your contributions are key.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Morocco academia team.

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